The missing app for editing MP3, FLAC, AIFF & M4A metadata on macOS



Squeed just works, is fast and makes batch tasks a breeze. Tagging or renaming multiple files at once has never been so easy. Keyboard shortcuts help boost your productivity.



All processed files have clean metadata, no pesky unwanted fields are kept. What you see in the sidebar is what you get.



Harvest the power of Discogs, one of the largest user-built music databases. Access information for more than 13 million recordings and get it right into your audio files with the click of a button.


Edit multiple files at once
Every feature of Squeed can be applied to several files at once, be it just editing metadata manually in the sidebar or renaming hundreds of files.
Auto-number tracks
Sequentially edit the track number for a whole album, with or without adding the total and a leading zero.
Rename files with a pattern
Tidy up your filenames, have them all follow the same format that you can define. Rename all your files in an instant with the available metadata.
Capitalize fields to your liking
You prefer having everything in Title Case? Or maybe lowercase is your thing. It doesn't matter, Squeed lets you change the case of all tags in all your files with just one click.
Preview audio and cover art
You don't have to leave Squeed to listen to the audio you're processing, just hit the spacebar to launch QuickView and preview one or more files. Click the eye icon to preview the cover too.
Get tags from the Discogs database
Squeed can search for missing info in more than 13 million records and get it right into your files with a few clicks. You can even process several files from the same release at once!
Extract metadata from filenames
It does exactly what it says: input the pattern your files use, Squeed extracts the tags and put them in the right place for you. Easy.
Copy and paste tags between files
Sometimes it just comes in handy. The right-click menu gives access to other useful little features.
Extract and resize cover art
Save the artwork as an image file on your computer for later use or editing. Automatically or manually resize cover images to your desired dimensions.
Keyboard shortcuts, iTunes integration, dark theme...
Squeed has keyboard shortcuts for most actions, making you blazing fast at processing files. You can add your music to iTunes with the click of a button, search and filter the open files, switch to a dark theme and more!