Hi there!

I’m Valentin Bersier, a software developer out of Switzerland.

Having studied Materials Science and Engineering at EPFL in Lausanne, I was however always passionate about software and have been writing code since about 2005.

Also known as ‘beeb’ and ‘Krizzli’ in some circles, I have a plethora of passions ranging from electronic music production & DJing 🎧 to mountaineering 🏔️, electronics, drone racing, 3d-printing 🔨, and more.

My main passion however, is computer programming. With this blog, I hope to share some thoughts and insights about my developer endeavours, focusing on the 🦀 Rust programming language, blockchain development (my current day job), web development with Svelte and more.

Have a look at my open-source projects or get in touch by visiting the contact page!